Baylor’s Road Ahead

August 2015 Baylor started the beginning of his junior year of high school.  He was extremely athletic, good Christian kid with a strong head on his shoulders.  As a junior, most students start planning their ‘after high school plans’ and Baylor wasn’t any different.  His future hopes included attending Middle Tennessee State University, filling a corner back position as a ‘walk on’ for MTSU football while pursuing a degree in Business Management.

Two years later, though so very much has changed, his character and drive to succeed has not.  His body may not allow for him to pursue football any longer, but he works tirelessly to master daily tasks most of us take for granted.  He is currently working on neck, head and trunk control, in addition to, tracking objects with his eyes.  Each day is a new day to try his hardest and he always gives 150% regardless if he feels well or not.  He continues to communicate, with assistance via IPAD, yet his parents long to hear his voice again.

David & Christy Bramble pray confidently for ‘complete healing’, Baylor’s ability to walk and talk again.  They know our God is able and have learned to wait patiently as He reveals Himself in every hurdle Baylor overcomes.  They are also praying Baylor will get accepted into Shirley Ryan Abilitylab in Chicago, the number one rehabilitation hospital for Traumatic Brain Injury.  Shirley Ryan offers one of a kind, patient centered therapy teams that would meet Baylor where he is and guide him to where he can go. As they continue to wait on the Lord for the healing they know He will provide, they walk confidently next to their son as he refuses to quit, as noted in Baylor’s IPAD message below.


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